Dear [ profile] westerosorting friends -

For the character meme, since I can't go for Robb or Arya again, I'd like to go for Meera Reed.

Please and thank you. :D

I am secretly really sad I can't go for Mya.

From: [identity profile]

You can't? oh I did put you already in Robb :p. I'll put you in Meera Reed (kickass <33) then ;).

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, previous winners can't be nominated for characters they've already won. There are links to the winners' lists from the past character memes in the post.

From: [identity profile]

Why can't you be Mya? Were you Mya before? Is she not on the list? She can be added...

From: [identity profile]

Since I was going to nominate you for Meera anyway, this will not be much of a problem ^_^

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