And here are the last two presents, for two lovely and patient people: [ profile] honeybearbee and [ profile] summersdream, who both asked for icon sets.

I hope they please!

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you like them! I think my personal favorite is the Doctor Who crossover one. XD

From: [identity profile]


Thank youuu these are the pretteh1! Guh, I <3 Waterhouse. And Emilie.

From: [identity profile]

Waterhouse is the prettiest. It is known. (Also Emilie.)

I'm glad you like them! It was fun to make, and poking through your interests was fun as well.

(I actually just realized I have a couple Eeyore icons for you as well. Do you want those too?)
ext_51796: (peek_emily)

From: [identity profile]

Gorgeous icon--who is that and where from? (I mean, YOUR icon that you posted with!)
Edited Date: 2011-12-25 07:55 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]

It is Rand from the Wheel of Time series - the art comes from the Japanese cover art. I made icons of a whole bunch of the covers a while back.

They're really beautiful covers. Far superior to the US ones, definitely.

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