Fandom: Supernatural
Medium: TV Show
Subject: Castiel
Title: White Feathers, Strange Lights
Notes: So this is mostly "Castiel in S5" mix, and I made it as a sort of counterpoint to the Ruby mix I made a while ago. Pretty short, by my fanmix standards, but I'm somewhat pleased by it anyway. It has some undertones of Dean/Castiel (hahaha) but I tried to focus mostly on Castiel, particularly the arc with his faith. (That is, losing it.)


so get back on your horse )
Fandom: Silmarillion
Medium: Book
Subject: Maglor+Daeron
Title: The Musicians
Notes: This one has been living on my HD for a while, and this is a set of characters I have a weird obsession with (their interaction is just SO FUCKED UP I feel anyway since it doesn't actually exist in canon lol). If you want a fic for this one, read anything I have ever written for Maglor and Daeron. Particularly "The World That Ends With You" and "Silver Glass." (Which needs more love. Even though it is written in the second person. Shh. Excessively depressing music, yay? I also just realized that I did not include "If" which is one of my Maglor/Daeron songs, so you can listen to that for bonus points.


i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad )
So I mentioned I was working on a project, yeah? (A few, actually.) I finished one!

Brought to you by [ profile] elvenpiratelady (and some very minor help from myself) - I give you the genderswapped Silmarillion dream casting!!!!

...with pictures.

(I cut out a few of the Sindar because I don't like them because I couldn't remember who they were and was getting tired.)





Notes: There are lots of very pretty people here. Looking for pictures was fun. Harry Lloyd is still fine. Celegorm/Aredhel genderswapped would be really interesting, as would Celegorm/Luthien. I have a craving for femme!Caranthir/Angrod REALLY HARD now.

Everything's better with genderswapping.

I am a moron who deleted the whole damn fanmix after formatting it and everything. FUUUUUCK. ...take two! (See: this is actually why it takes me so long to post fanmixes after they're done. Because inevitably I have to retype the whole thing, formatting and all, at least once.

Fandom: Supernatural
Medium: TV Show
Subject: Ruby
Title: Begin the Human Game
Notes: Trying to cut down on the size of my FSTs - this one is only 19 songs. HA. Has artists including Janelle Monae, Marina & the Diamonds, ThouShaltNot, and a Florence + the Machine song. I actually ended up liking this one pretty well which is good for all the blood and sweat I put into picking the songs wtf self. ...enjoy? (And yes, there is a Castiel one in the works. Shhh.) There are undertones of Ruby/Sam at some points in this mix, but I tried to keep it out. Mostly. Er.


we recoil with invisible bliss )
Fandom: Supernatural
Medium: TV Show
Subject: Sam Winchester
Title: I Shall Not Live In Vain
Notes: I was halfway through making this when Livejournal spazzed and DELETED THE WHOLE THING. Pissed. It took me long enough to format this. Sometimes/often I don't get me. Starts with an intro and ends with an outro, with chronological order in between. A bit of Patrick Wolf (more of him than any other single artist, I think) and 34 songs total. Comment if you like/are taking, etc...hope you enjoy it. Next fanmix, by the way, is going to be the compilation of Silm fanmix best ofs, hopefully within the week.


the sky above us shoots to kill )
This hasn't happened for a while...

Assorted things of all kinds in here. A couple (okay, two) Jerk/Bitch icons, a bunch of the Keep Calm parody things that I just discovered because I am always late on the bandwagon, some Doctor Who, some Supernatural, some other things entirely.

More specifically:

1-5: Avatar: the Last Airbender
6-11: Keep Calm parodies (for various)
12-14: Jerk/Bitch icons
15-18: Doctor Who
19-21: various
22-23: requested by [ profile] pashchan (and variation)
24-33: Supernatural (Sam, specifically)
34-36: more Doctor Who

a fair amount of silliness here lies. please forgive me. )

Also my computer is still freezy and stupid-like-ass and it's making me unreasonably, ridiculously cranky. Awesome.
Medium: TV Show
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Winchesters: Season 4 and 5
Notes: I had a bunch of notes I wanted to give but now I don't remember any of them. A lot of this is Sam-centric - that's just my bias coming through. Spoilers through 5.22 via images and quotes. This fanmix took a fuckton of effort, so please comment if you take/with your thoughts? Oh yes, and some of the songs have the fanmix album name on them, but the mp4s do not. I'm working on that. I believe this is 27 tracks, with 4 (semi cracky) bonus songs.

I do believe that my fanmix covers/layouts just keep on improving.


like the bullet on your tongue we'll get through it's not too late )
Medium: TV Show
Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: The Last of the Time Lords
Subject: The Master (/The Doctor)
Notes: I blame the music in the Master episodes for this, completely. Because then I just got these IDEAS and it was too bad to resist. Or good. Or both. More notes with the lyrics.

and here it comes the sound of drums )

.zip here
minviendha: (sparkly elves)
( Feb. 16th, 2010 10:39 pm)
because I've been putting it off for a while.

Ar and Cleeg, teen!Sims! )

doll!Robb I need to finish doll!Tyelko don't I )

the best thing ever )



merry christmas, westerosorting! )
In the Bleak Midwinter
In the bleak midwinter/frosty wind made moan/earth stood hard as iron/water like a stone/snow had fallen, snow on snow/snow on snow/in the bleak midwinter/long ago.

Carol of the Bells

I Saw Mommy Kissing Oberyn
I saw mommy kissing Oberyn/In the Water Gardens last night/This isn't really strange/Or much of a change

O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come all ye faithful/joyful and triumphant/come ye, oh come ye to Riverrun./Come and behold it/jewel of the Riverlands./Family, duty, honor./Family, duty, honor!/Family, duty, honor and awesome strength.

Grandma Got Devoured By a Lion
Grandma got devoured by a lion/walking home from King’s Landing./You can say that Lannisters are cheaters/but lions are quite dangerous you’ll agree/She’d been drinking too much red wine/and we told her to have care/but you know she didn’t listen/and now she simply isn’t there.

Lo, E’er A Rose Ere Blooming
Lo, e’er a rose ere blooming/from tender stem hath sprung./Highgarden cannot hold it/and thorns its stem has grown./The yellow flow’r on green/We are growing stronger/and sweetest fruit we bring.

Viserys the Dragon
Viserys the Dragon/was an angry, crazy soul/and all his sister says is that on his head/is a vat of molten gold./Viserys the Dragon/was as bad as they can be./But now he’s dead and we can laugh instead/because his sister’s the dragon queen.
More icons, yes. Finally. Largely quotes, with a few bonus "sorting Feanor and Fingon into asoiaf houses" ones at the end. >.> Just those two because the other art I found didna work for me. And BACK TO WORK NOW but guys, I am going to a special hell for wanting to make a Silmarillion/A Song of Ice and Fire crossover exist properly. A special hell.

I'll probably do it anyway. I mean, I'm already doomed for writing Finrod/Curufin so might as well go all out, right?

it's not my fault all my favorite characters are Starks. )

Art credit goes to [ profile] pojypojy and users ilxwing and guillemhp@deviantart.
I love how the part of the fanmix that takes longest is not the music gathering or the posting or the lyric getting. It is making the cover art, because my Photoshop is so freaking slow. Aaaaugh. :( I need computer doctor to see my computer. Will call, I think.

Medium: Book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Title: Ill-Gotten Son
Subject: Maeglin
Notes: The longest I've made, in a while. I just kept finding things and it's been in process a here it is, everyone's my favorite seriously fucked up elven kiddo. Pseudo canon, ahoy! Also more of a story than my other fanmixes have been in a while. No, I don't know why either.


the secrets I have hid )
waaaay too many A Song of Ice and Fire icons )

Yes yes, I see that meme going around. I will get to it. Eventually. Maybe when I finish reading The Birth of the Republic. DX What, Sunday night and I haven't done my homework? FOR SHAME.
Icons! A Song of Ice and Fire style.

winter is coming. did you bring your coat? )
Medium: Book
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Subject: Feanorians
Title: Burns Like the Sun
Notes: So this is pretty much - by many ways a lot of pseudocanon. Explanations will be offered. But I was pleased enough with it I wanted to share. Please ignore the lack of variation in artists. *gurgles* Also, fanmixes that were properly requested are in construction. Except Lymond, who is being difficult.


he burns like the sun... )

Cover art by Jenny Dolfen, and no, there is not another Felix mix half finished in my compute, why do you ask >.< (this would be my third. If I were making it. I am not. Shhh.)
Medium: Book
Fandom: Gentleman Bastard Sequence
Subject: Locke Lamora
Title: The Devil You Know
Notes: Vaguely in chronological story arc order, over the first book (not the second. I only felt like doing the first.) Comments are f'love, enjoy! Comments with lyrics when applicable, and one quote. Some spoilers, vaguely.


better the devil you know... )
38 A Song of Ice and Fire icons... )

For other people on my journal, a few random ones:

minviendha: (darkangel)
( May. 17th, 2009 09:54 pm)
Firstly, inspired by questions from my sorting post on [ profile] westerosorting, I made a Last Unicorn mood theme!


Click on the picture; you will need to log in using the username minviendha @ and the password rand_min. PLEASE CREDIT IF YOU USE.

And next! In celebration of his adorableness winning Eurovision, some icons:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

ETA: ...also, small tiny tiny rant - posted my Twilight James/Bella fic today, so far has four reviews, four favorites, and six alerts. Meanwhile, an A Song of Ice and Fire fic posted two months ago? Has zero reviews, zero favorites, zero alerts.

FML and F small fandoms, this makes me sad. WHY CAN'T BETTER BOOKS HAVE MORE LOVE???

And now sleeptime, for reals.



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