Links to All My Finished [ profile] 50_darkfics Stories

Warning: Any/all of these may include potentially disturbing content including sexual violence and child molestation. In the words of one infamous author, viower excretion advisd.

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Back and still alive! Although...worried. Very worried. I can't find my notebook.

That notebook is where I write everything. It has drafts of fic of all kinds in it. It has porny gay fic in it. It has snark about my classmates in it. I keep my life in those notebooks. And I don't know where the hell it is.


But we move along, and there are still things I need to post. We'll start with some COMMENTARY, firstly "The Heart Is Dark", Silmarillion, requested by [ profile] saruwatari, which can be found here at my fic journal.

Secondly, there is "Things Lucivar Does For Love (The List Is Short)", Black Jewels Trilogy, requested by [ profile] tomboy_typist, also over at my fic journal.

The last one will be a bit longer coming. I also have three top fives I'm going to be getting to. But I wanted to post a few icons that I've done over the past...while. So we'll do the icons for now.

1-4: A Game of Thrones HBO
5-8: BtVS/Angel
9: Supernatural
10-19: Tangled
20: John Keats (Bright Star)

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( Mar. 27th, 2010 12:02 pm)
A meme, some rambling, and the fourth round of Madness. (Or Sparta.)

Give me a character from any fandom, tv show, movie, book you know that I know and I will tell you:
a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.



[Poll #1543900]

There was a fannish five I wanted to do about the most loving fictional moms, because I would have had the chance to gush about Nerdanel, but I couldn't think of five. I have Nerdanel and Sybilla Crawford, who I figure qualifies for her sheer badass in Checkmate in particular. And I can always gush about Nerdanel more. But for best fictional parents...I think Nerdanel might be up there. Actually, my list probably looks something like this:

1. Nerdanel (Seven of those wee hooligans. Seven. That's pretty bamflicious.)
2. Fingolfin (I've talked about this before. And still want a picture of him making pancakes. Or something.)
3. Tam al'Thor (The Gathering Storm cinched this for me, so hard)
4. Saetan Sa'Diablo (Again - for sheer challenge factor, raising Jaenelle is...yeah, not the easiest of tasks. And not to mention the good bits of Lucivar and Daemon are probably his influence.
5. Celebrimbor's unnamed mother, because damn, she deserves some credit for infusing some good sense into her son. Good sense doesn't come from Curufin, after all.

I think I want to see all of them gathered around sipping tea and talking about their children's issues. It'd be.

I want to say cute but that might be the wrong word. Maybe I'll just write fic of Ner and Cele's mom and Fingolfin all having tea together and discussing the challenges of raising young Finweans. I need to write more Nerdanel fic, now that she's moved so solidly into my head. >>;;

I have a feeling I had coherent meta that I might have wanted to make, but now I cannot for the life of me recall what it was. Perhaps if I remember later. One cannot force these things.

At least I am no longer feeling like biting someone's head off!
So I wrote a metric fuckton of fic this year.

My actual assignment was Memorial, written for [ profile] not_from_stars for Black Jewels Trilogy, about the friendship between Karla, Gabrielle, and Jaenelle, and the things they build as a trio. It was...a challenge, I confess, but there are things I really like about how it turned out.

And then there's all my treats.

if you were curious which were mine. )

AND SO THIS IS YULETIDE AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE and all that, I'll put these up on my fic journal uhhh later. Any concrit or comments or thoughts or "Lise, you're nuts" is welcome to go here as well. Thank you to my writer, Ariana, thank you to my betas, and thank you to the prompters who made me go absolutely nuts.

NOW FOR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS TIME. (and replies to comments.)

ETA: ...I just discovered "The Inappropriate Elf Challenge" which, while it could be porn, is actually, 'crossover with a fandom that should never have Elves.' And I'm taking this as a challenge. SO FOLKS what fandoms should never be crossed over with The Silmarillion/Tolkien's Elves? *shot*
Medium: Book
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Subject: Wilhelmina Benedict
Title: These Castles and Dreams
Notes: Requested by [ profile] sakru_909 - by necessity, largely pseudocanon of my own. I see Wilhelmina as someone who is a lot stronger than she knows, but who tries very hard, constantly, to please everyone and puts herself dead last, after making everyone else happy. This makes her a very lonely, unhappy person. But she's sweet and good-natured, and tends to like more people than she dislikes.


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Two EPs if you will, for Jaime Lannister by request of [ profile] shorelle; and Jaenelle Angelline by request of [ profile] shapesofbirds.

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Subject: Jaime Lannister
Title: Kingslayer
Notes: Nine songs about our favorite semi-bastard.

(Complete download here.)

Kingslayer )


Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Subject: Jaenelle Angelline
Title: Twilight Rhapsody
Notes: Five songs about Witch.

(Complete download here.)

Twilight Rhapsody )

Gideon fanmix and Angrod/Celegorm fanmix are on their way; still taking requests. :D

Fanmix for Gideon Thraxios by request of [personal profile] grey_gazania.

Doctrine of Labyrinths
Gideon Thraxios
His White Lady
Some of these turned out a little Felix/Gideon, but I tried to focus on Gideon himself.

(Complete download here.)

His White Lady )
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( Apr. 11th, 2009 02:28 pm)
Inspired by [ profile] carolinelise, I rewarded my productivity today with some literary-Sims-making. :D

Pictures, because I can - Stark children, Lymond, Felix, and others included )

*dorky giggle* They make me happy. Maybe I'll go be more productive now! omg.

...FST (fan soundtrack) for the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. Warnings for spoilers and some nastiness in excerpts.

Edit: Download zip file here. Tracks are not in order, sorry. :\ I'll get better at this. XD

Daughter of the Blood )

Heir to the Shadows )

Queen of the Darkness )

...Upload coming later in zip form. Ow, my brain.

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( Aug. 16th, 2008 01:14 pm)
FOR [personal profile] tyriangalley!

Title: Words
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Daemon, Lucivar, Daemonar, Jaenelle
Summary: Daemon gets roped into a babysitting job; there is adorable and cute. Fluffytastic!


Words )


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( Jun. 26th, 2008 08:57 pm)
Title: Wilhelmina, Alone
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 096. Writer's Choice
Characters: Wilhelmina Benedict, Philip Alexander, others by mention
Warnings: vague implications.
Summary: Jaenelle isn't Gone - Wilhelmina knows that. But it's hard to keep faith.

Went and bought books yesterday, gained three: Elantris to check out this Branden Sanderson fellow who is writing A Memory of Light, Thief With No Shadow by Emily Gee - on a whim, sometimes those go well - and another Tanya Huff book, meaning I have one left to hunt down before I have the whole series. Dammit. Did not, however, find any of the original 7 or 8 books I was looking for. Go me.

"Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" is extraordinarily epic. I'm kind of enjoying it, even if it's not usual Lovecraft. Ah well. So...I heard you like mudkips?

Or something like that. More fic perhaps coming later tonight, as I have nothing to do and too much ideas. I need a job. Or a life. Or some money, that'd be nice. Ahahaha.
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( Jun. 17th, 2008 10:48 pm)


....and more fic. Ahahaha.

Title: Anything But That
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 044. Hunger
Characters: Manny, Daemon Sadi
Warnings: none, really
Summary: Every man has a breaking point, as does every child. There are some threats that can't be resisted. Drabbleish.

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 010. Torture
Characters: Daemon Sadi, Lucivar Yaslana
Warnings: Bloodythings, mildly, some language. It's not slash, I swear. >.<
Summary: After midnight, only one person comes knocking on Daemon's door.

Weary )

Title: The Stones
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 093. Voice
Characters: Daemon Sadi, some Saetan purely by mention
Warnings: Just angst, y'know.
Summary: Daemon goes visiting SaDiablo Hall in Terreille.

Where do all these come from?

Title: Please
Prompt: 057. Please
Characters: Daemon Sadi, Dorothea SaDiablo
Warnings: nasty things bordering on pedophilia.
Summary: He hated that word. It was so small, so pathetic, so childish. And so useless.

Please )

Title: Yearning
Prompt: 080. Restraints
Characters: Lucivar Yaslana, Luthvian
Warnings: just angst.
Summary: He knew that something was missing, just not what.

Yearning )

Title: The Rising
Prompt: 072. Sorrow
Characters: Daemon Sadi, Surreal SaDiablo, Jaenelle, Saetan and Lucivar by name.
Warnings: Aaangst!Daemon.
Summary: Rising from the Twisted Kingdom, Daemon has things to consider.

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( Jun. 14th, 2008 11:50 pm)
Truly darkfic, too.

Title: Crickets
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 001.Ravished
Characters: Lucivar Yaslana
Warnings: Rape, sexual content, male/male sex.
Summary: "Lucivar pulled away. "No. I endured enough of that in the Eyrien hunting camps..."" (in reference to Daemon kissing him, Daughter to the Blood.)

Crickets )

A/N: So basically - I noticed this quote and kind of O.O at it for five minutes. And then flailed. A lot. And then wrote fic. Yes, this is what I do.

Title: Scars
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 097. Writer's Choice
Characters: Lucivar, Jaenelle, a mention of Daemon
Warnings: Mostly just implied stuff.
Summary: Lucivar is starting to practice again as he heals, and Jaenelle notices something.

Scars )
Not that the two aren't synonymous.

Just - am I the only one who sees people and will go 'ohai, that's so Lucivar's nose' or 'omg, that guy has Bast eyes!' Because I keep wanting to yell this at someone when it happens, and I'm not sure how...strange...this is. XD

Just wondering.

Meanwhile. MOVING ON.

I have...fic things. INORITE?

Title: Mother Night
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy. Any surprises there? I am more than halfway done with my claim, though. :D
Characters: Jaenelle, Wilhelmina, briefly Leland and Alexandra
Prompt: 016. Evil
Warnings: Nothing, really - Jaenelle being Witchish.
Summary: Jaenelle has a question for her older sister, and Wilhelmina is a little frightened of the sister she doesn't really know.

I so cannot focus this evening. At all.

There is really nothing else to say.

Title: Just Curious
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy (are you kidding? I'll let you know when this changes.)
Prompt: 055. No
Word Count: 713
Characters: Lucivar, Luthvian
Warnings: Absolutely nothing. Well, a bit of language in reference to Lucivar's parentage, but...
Summary: Lucivar wants to know who his father is, and Luthvian really doesn't want to talk about it.

Title: Vengeance
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 073. Cry/Tears
Word Count: 1,036
Characters: Lucivar, discussion of Jaenelle and Daemon
Warnings: Discussion of violence, implied sexual stuff, sadpuppy!Lucivar
Summary: The other side of that one I just wrote. Lucivar has only one thing left to live for.

Vengeance )

Title: Briarwood
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 046. Wicked
Word Count: 321
Characters: Jaenelle, sideways.
Warnings: mention of pedophilia/rape
Summary: The only certainties were the beginning - and the end. And the voice...

Briarwood )
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( Apr. 8th, 2008 09:26 pm)
More BJT, yes. I have another few probably coming in a bit.

Title: Practice
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 015. Angry
Word Count: 504
Characters: Lucivar, Falonar, Hallevar
Warnings: Brief language.
Summary: Lucivar and Falonar never got along very well. Especially when Lucivar was better.

Practice )

Title: Lies
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Prompt: 056. Madness
Word Count: 1,075
Characters: Lucivar, Daemon, Jaenelle
Summary: Daemon in the Twisted Kingdom.

Lies )
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 05:48 pm)
Title: The Aftermath
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy (what else?)
Prompt: 069. Forsaken
Characters: Morghann, Khardeen, Chaosti, Gabrielle, Kalush, Aaron, Arianna, Marian, Lucivar, Daemonar, Saetan, Tersa, Wilhelmina, Jaal, and brief mentions of Lorn, Jaenelle, and Daemon
Warnings: For lots of sad.
Summary: Immediately after the Purge, the change is audible. Kaeleer is silent for mourning, and those who loved the Queen strive to understand.

The third is, hands down, my favorite. Though I am rather fond of the fourth as well. [profile] df_prompts post coming up...eventually...? I actually did homework today!
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Jaenelle, Rose, a bit of Daemon
Prompt: 079. Rain
Word Count: 442
Rating: PG
Warnings: Just a lot of angst.
Summary: After Rose's death, Jaenelle has business to attend to.

Rain )

Title: The Heart of Me
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Lucivar, Marian, a mention of Daemon
Prompt: 095. Need
Word Count: 829
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied stuff.
Summary: Marian dreams, sometimes. But she isn't the only one.

Title: Promises
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Jaenelle, Karla
Prompt: 066. Midnight
Word Count: 1117
Rating: PG
Summary: Karla and Jaenelle have a chance to talk, just before Winsol. They discuss promises and safety, and Karla is worried.

Promises )

Title: Whore
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Kartane SaDiablo, Dorothea
Prompt: 084. Hate
Word Count: 629
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He hates her utterly, but there is no getting away.

Whore )


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