I'm doing things this weekend!

Today: Babysitting, then a football game (I know) then a dance for a couple hours. Tomorrow: Homework, hooboy, but it's for English that I assigned myself so it's okay - mini reflection on After London Part I, and more NaNoWriMo character sketching, whee. Sunday: HALLOWEEN SHOPPING WHOAMG. So psyched! I actually have a life this weekend! :D

Also, icons. Courtesy of my hacked Macromedia Fireworks. I are such delinquent omg.


Whee. The only thing that could make my life better right now would be...a boy, yes. God dammit. Especially that boy. Yes, you know the one.

*sigh* I am such fail.

And yes, I know they're shittily made, but whatever, it's still Rejected. Off to care for the chitlins, see yins all at some undetermined later date.

Unless I get eaten by Cthulhu.

Also there may be pictures of me as Neil Gaiman, just so you know.

minviendha: (sandman: dream)
( Oct. 5th, 2008 09:51 pm)

Last one just for you, Katie. :D



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