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( Apr. 7th, 2010 08:16 am)
There is an article on the Yahoo homepage.

"Giant lizard hailed as remarkable discovery," and then, "see bigger photo" "find famous cousin", and "man attacked by wombat."

Best non-sequitur ever.
First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] tomboy_typist! Much love and sweetness to you, and by god, expect some KT/ASOIAF fic coming over your way soon.

You know it will inevitably involve Sandor/Phedre, I cannot lie. &hearts &hearts &hearts

I amuse myself too much sometimes. I need to update that more often. Though some of the entries are definitely funnier than others.

I just couldn't resist. In other news, Naomi Novik appears to have written a crossover in which Jaime Lannister fights Temeraire the dragon, and it is the best thing ever. No, seriously. I think I need to start watching her journal, just because. ---omg. See for yourself, by all means AND THEN GO VOTE TEMERAIRE seriously folks, Jaime's cool and all, but he ain't got nothing on the dragon.

There is American Idol. And Cthulhu. And just guys, I cannot say. It is full of perfect.

Less full of perfect is my mood, which still sucks, and the fact that votes on Fandom Madness have been steadily declining. :( I made the difficult decision to close the last poll and move to the next round, but I want to whine terribly. There aren't even that many votes anymore! It's really fun at least for me! Campaign in the comments!


Ties were between Aredhel and Maglor and Earendil and Maeglin; Aredhel and Maeglin both continued. Sandor got knocked out by Tywin, which is the only result I'm saddened by this time. But not surprised. XD Tywin is a hardass.

Finally, I would like to point out that more of the epic AU is up on my fic journal, and that I may have 14 pages of Curufin FST combined with fic, and that I'm incredibly excited about my Silmarillion adaptation of "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" but shhh. I still have a lot to do.

A lot to do here meaning nothing productive, pfffft.



[Poll #1542610]


[Poll #1542611]


[Poll #1542612]


[Poll #1542613]

Next round I'm totally going to start writing drabbles. >>;; I will not be able to help it at that point.

ETA: ...there is a health care debate going on on my flist. I'm going to pretend I didn't see it and I'm definitely not clicking on the cut.

I'd rather no one started in here, either. I just don't have the energy.
Her Eyes - Future!fic, in which Elves are released from Mandos. Everything about this I love. There are perfect little details - Caranthir likes the modern arms trade, Celegorm makes a brief appearance as his annoyed and slightly disappointed self, and Aegnor and Finrod are spot on and it's just - adorable all over and the ending leaves it full of possibilities. I think I ship this now, just for this one fic.
Meldor - Maedhros/Fingon. The writing is lovely, it's set up as a recovery fic after Thangorodrim - the first piece describing Maedhros' pain is gorgeous and the rest of it lives up to that. There is such a sense of brothers-in-arms-but-more that characterizes this pairing, in my head, and the way Fingon shepherds Maedhros along and at the same time he's so determined to recover and is worried and focused as always - in capitalism!AU, Maedhros would be a workaholic, I suspect. Am I right or am I right?

Gemology - Emily Roland fic, in which she is a perfect child - curious, intelligent, asking too many questions. There is just such adorable and authentic character in this, and again, the details as when Emily considers whether she might be half-dragon...I loved it.
wisdom to the mighty, honor to the brave - I don't have much coherent to say here but pretty pretty pretty. It's set after Victory of Eagles and is just a fantastic medley of interactions between Tharkay (who is priceless), Granby (who is adorable), Laurence, and Riley, and while my attention span doesn't often hold for fic of long lengths, this filled in the gaps of things I needed to see nicely.

Doctrine of Labyrinths
Medicine for the soul - Felix and Mildmay, genfic after Corambis AND I WANT MOORREEE this has been the first fic in a while, completed, that I have sincerely wanted to see more of because what was there just didn't give me enough. I wanted! More of it! And that's a good feeling.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Snow and Stark - My actual fic that I received! It has Jon and Robb being close and adorable and brotherly, and I don't know how this person knew all my pseudocanon but they did, somehow. They steal a pie! And are competitive and adorable! Robb is noble and a little bit dense! I loooffff it.

Guesses on which fics I wrote are/are not allowed, lololol. Still working my way through, and of course there's all of Yuletide Madness yet to see...

I have so many things I want to write I can't decide what to do first! This is a novel problem.
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( Jan. 28th, 2009 10:05 pm)
Well, with "fan" in front.

So! Posted the first part of Good Omens + Tentacle Monster fic over at my fic journal [livejournal.com profile] ficviendha, so any interested may go there.

I say "first part" because I may write more, I'm not sure as of yet. It depends on what people think of what I've done so far, really, if it's worth continuing...because I have more I could write, just don't know if I will.

Other than that, I think there is nothing else. Other than possibly the fact that my favorite bit of the entire fic is probably:

“Poor you.” Aziraphale took a step back. “Has it occurred to you that your bathtub might be an inter-dimensional portal?”

 So. Um. Yeah.

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( Jan. 1st, 2009 10:31 am)

And when I say "YEAH" guy - skip ahead to 3:10 and watch the roller skaters. No, really. BEST THING EVER.

Someone make a gif for me. Please.

ETA: Also, my Yuletide reveal. For interested parties. ^__^

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( Dec. 12th, 2008 09:23 pm)
Well, that's an eyecatching headline.

These are kind of excellent stories.

Yay dinosaurs. :D

Also, this would totally suck.


Think I'll go write something now, maybe.

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( Oct. 16th, 2008 08:12 pm)
This time it's news.

Think "Stayin' Alive" is just for disco? Apparently not!

Also, the lawsuit against God didn't work out. Bummer.

Finally, speaking of Joe the Plumber? He apparently isn't actually a plumber. SNAP.

XD This has been Lise again, with nothing to report other than a mouth that hurts like hell, ohman. >.< And extraordinary boredom.

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( Jan. 6th, 2008 03:48 pm)
Karla just said something that is really true. Lucivar Yaslana tends to think in absolutes.

I think that causes a lot of his issues.

I also think all of my DF characters have a little bit of me in them...isn't that interesting?

This thing is absolutely hilarious.

To try different sites/dialects, go here.

This one is kind of brainbreaking...

And finally on the pointless links list of the day...

This thing is too much fun.

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( Dec. 20th, 2007 06:42 pm)

Well, and this one.

I need icons. Especially of the "o Rl'yeh?" one.

But for now...

SO ANYWAY. Thoroughly made of win, y/y?
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 07:50 pm)
Here I have definitively found the airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is 24 miles an hour. :D Stumble FTW.

Also, the Spanish Inquisition Videos are the best thing ever. Look them up on YouTube.

I find this more amusing than I should.

This site makes me giggle.

A really pointless but fun game.

Like this one.

This thing is really trippy.

And finally...Arsebook.

Made of win.

Your daily allowance of pointless links: completed.


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