So I have had this in the works for ages and ages but have not gotten around to posting it What this says about me? ...that I put things off that I'm doing to put other things off? ...yeaaah.

No, I'm not sure about that. Spoilers for series 1, 3, and 5.

(+quotes +commentary)

wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff )
Firstly: I just got my first filling ever. My mouth feels funky. Secondly, I has a question, based off of a meme that happened a while ago: what TV Tropes would you use to describe yourself? I'm honestly curious. What would people say?

(I know for said meme I got Adorkable, which probably works fairly well, olololol.)

P.S. How did I not know that this existed? GUYS THIS IS LIKE. MY LIFE. OR AT LEAST MY KINKS. L-look awwww.

And now, brought to you by my love of picspam and Avatar:


Fair warning that I A) adore Zuko to ridiculous degree, he's in here a lot and B) I...have no idea what was going to go here. ONWARD.

image heavy. also babble heavy. And spoiler heavy, to those it matters to. )

...sort of. First of all, I finally went through and did a grand total stats toll of my deathfic. For the purposes of this count, Deathfic is defined as fic focused around or on the death of one or more major characters.

Total: 23
A Song of Ice and Fire: 6
Caliban Leandros: 1
Doctrine of Labyrinths: 2
The Silmarillion: 14

I would just like you to look at those numbers for a moment. Just. Yes, look.

Moving right along.

So, because of that book of disappointing short stories, I got thinking about short stories I do like, and I decided that I wanted to have a collection of them somewhere. You know, like a recommendation post. And the more I thought about it the more I liked the sheer organization of this idea. And I could even give people the books I have them in! Or a link to them if they can be found online! yeah, that's what this is. Recommendations, including a little blurb about what I loved. Though the links and book citations so to speak will have to wait a little. I have AP Government homework to do, whoooops.

ophelia of the spirits has a new album, also. this makes me happy. )

That's what I've got, for now. Of I go to read for three classes, and wonder why I have never listened to much 30 Seconds to Mars before now. *is so secretly an emo kid it disgusts her sometimes*

And goodnight. Much love to you all. I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting to do.

(Probably babble about elves. I haven't done that in a while. Some of you are probably grateful for this.)

Also, Haiti fic. Tomorrow, you slacking little bitch.
these are the scenes from my own fic that I would illustrate. )

And then there are the fics I've written because of other people's illustrations but we're not going into that. And the ones for Yuletide that will be here after the reveal.

DISCLAIMER: This was written for the school newspaper, which may explain a lot. As I will never be published, I wanted to post this somewhere, because it amused me. And that is the sole reason it exists. To amuse at least a little. Have fun. ...maybe I'll go do the other one now. Probably not. But I thought about it, okay?

Everyone knows about dinosaurs. Some of them are fairly funky looking. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are some pretty weird things living today out in the wide world. Bizarre? Certainly. Real? Of course. The best in weird, in the safety of your own home.


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( Jul. 7th, 2007 01:55 pm)
Here is the compiled list of all the books I read on my trip and my thoughts on them (in brief, obviously). Or else this post would be astronomical. So here you are, everyone:

1. The Invisible Ring, Anne Bishop. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this one. Not nearly as good as BJT, but still enjoyable. Set in the same world but with different characters. It made me happy every time Lucivar and Daemon were mentioned. And the reference to Jaenelle very nearly made me squee.

Yes, I know.

2. Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Thank you thank you thank you to [profile] zorpisuttle for recommending this one. Seriously. I think I laughed more during this book than I have in a long time. So damn good. I want to write fanfiction, but I don't think I could manage it without butchering canon. *chews fingernails*
And besides, there's not much I wouldn't give for some mad hot Crowley sex.

3. Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris. This one was my second favorite of the triad of Lecter novels. And I have to echo Mimi here: Ooooh, Dr. Lecter! Secksy, in a psychopathic sort of way. Grisly, but good reading. And I liked it, anyway.

4. Red Dragon, Thomas Harris. Mmmmph. I didn't like this one so much. There was very little Lecter, and Will Graham was annoying. And the Dragon dude was just...weird. Grisly, but without the quality of Silence of the Lambs.

5. Nightlife, Bob Thurman. Been planning on reading this one for a while, finally got around to it, loved it. The narration has a snappiness to it that I like, and the voice is uniquely modern and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm looking forward to reading the next one, and will be sure to give people updates, if they want them.

6. The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath. Sweet and sad. I sort of love Esther. Parts of this one felt eerily real to me, personally. That was a little scary.

7. Revelation, Carol Berg. Read this as a follow up to Transformation in the same series. I enjoyed it immensely, but not nearly so much as the first one. I wanted more Aleksander/Seyonne interaction. (You know, the slashpurtunities just occurred to me there. Must write that down.) I also felt like it had a little too much information in it. I got a little lost about halfway through: took me a while to find my way again. The emotional ending was the best part. No, I'm serious. Really.

8. Restoration, Carol Berg. I liked this one a lot. This may be my favorite. It effectively showed the dark sides of power, even power for good reasons, and it made me think more than other books have. I enjoyed it. I didn't really like the romantic angle, though. It just sort of showed up, and it felt a little tacked on.

9. Grania, Morgan Llewellyn. There was one character in this book who really got on my nerves: Evleen, the Druid woman. I realised why halfway through - she was clearly, obviously, and unashamedly a mouthpiece for the writer's views on Christianity. I hate it when people do that in fanfiction, let alone published works. She also used third person omniscient, which I don't like and is really hard to do without seeming clunky. She didn't manage it. The story was good, though, and I love Grania's character.

10. Case Histories, Kate Atkinson. Oh, this one was good. One of the best mysteries I've read in a while. Can't say much without giving stuff away: suffice it to say that the ending of one mystery in particular had me very, very surprised.

11. Sebastian, Anne Bishop. Am definitely reading Belladonna. Duuuuude. Sebastian. Yum. Anyway, I loved this one too. It was excellent, flowed along well, no awkward third person omniscient. I like. I like very much. And Sebastian is terribly sexy. *actually thinks about snagging him for DF*

*and probably will*

12. The Last Templar, Raymond Khoury. A Da Vinci Code rip off. There are better thrillers. There are better ripoffs, too. Don't read it.

13. The Dancers at the End of Time, Michael Moorcock. OMG. So good. It was bizarre and delicious. Picked up this one off my book list I got for Christmas at W.H. Smith, a UK bookstore (and omgwtf all the covers were so purdddddyyy I want purdy covers!!! squee) and read it in about a day.

I can't decide who I heart more: Jherek or Amelia? The best part, hands down, is Jherek in London.

14. The Time Traveller's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger. You've heard of this one, I'm sure. Trust the hype. It's weird, it's a little hard to wrap your mind around, but it's good. And the ending is a little heartbreaking. Beautifully written, besides. Not Charles Dickens, but still beautiful.

Books Left to Read:

Holy Fools, Joanne Harris
Hannibal Rising, Thomas Harris
Airs Beneath the Moon, Toby Bishop
Ship of Magic, Robin Hobb (and the rest, if I like it)
The Lady and the Unicorn, Tracy Chevalier
Moon Called, Patricia Briggs
Belladonna, Anne Bishop
Moonshine, Bob Thurman
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, Susanna Clarke
The Hidden Stars, Madeleine Howard
A Game of Thrones, George RR Martin
Bone Doll's Twin, Kate Flewylling or something like that.
The Gunslinger, Stephen King (and maybe more)
Shapechanger's Song, Jennifer Roberson (and the rest of the series.)
Kushiel's Scion, Jacqueline Carey
The Chanur Saga, CH Cherryh
New Spring, Robert Jordan
Chocolat, Joanne Harris
A Probably Future, Alice Hoffman
Dragon Prince, Melanie Rawn
Interview with A Vampire, Anne Rice
And maybe I'll finally get around to finishing Les Miserables, Victor Hugo.

And probably a reread of BJT in there somewhere.

And now, a meme.

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( Mar. 21st, 2007 10:42 pm)
Whee, polygamy and marriages to multi-gendered fictional people!

married to:
You may tease me about the Balto 2 one. Had to do it, though. Oh, the teenage angst.

Meanwhile. Added a few for the sake of being able to add them.

Review of Robin Hobb stuff coming up...eventually. Yeah.

Wubs to you guys! *is too lazy to actually do a meaningful update*
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( Dec. 27th, 2006 03:49 am)
+ only one thing could make lise as ridiculously happy as she is right now, and that is GETTING A LAPTOP FOR CHRISTMAS YAY!
+ not having got any negative reviews on a story in a long, long time
+ OWNING the recent wheel of time fanlist
+ having somewhat like 21 people favoriting me - whee!
+ it being christmas or sort of
+ going shopping with my sistah
- being a review whore in small fandoms
- being a comment whore with 8 friends
-having plot bunnies for really random fandoms
+ having plot bunnies

Yeah, I'm happy.
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( Dec. 6th, 2006 07:27 pm)
I was going to write something meaningful and interesting, but then my brain died and went, "screw that."

So here is my christmas list.

Wish me luck on surviving this week on less than...six hours of sleep last night?

Oh, and shut up about your all nighters. Let me complain.


I'm going to try to muster the energy to finish rewriting the first chapter of Love is Blind.

And think about writing my Rand/Min smutfic.

Quick Poll: If Lise actually succeeds in writing RandMin smut, should it ever see the light of day/ffn?

If not, maybe I'll post it up here. For...posterity. Or something.
wOOt. Another entry. 

Wheel of Time is awesome, by the way.

Tee Hee.
I was reading Wheel of Time badfic - yeah, I know I'm a dork, don't rub it in - and I found a few Mary Sues. And really bad stories. And something inside me just...died. So I went and wrote some Wheel of Time fluff. You can read it if you want. have a party. And review my other stuff, too, while you're there. Please?

Anyway, I got in a bitch fight with my parents and made my mom cry, which sort of sucked. So, pretty much, I had a crap weekend. And I'm sort of mad. At my life. And FFN because no one is reviewing my stuff.

Oh, and because I love you all, some goodies:
I didn't make the one furthest love. I found it at [profile] wot_iconsAlso, I don't understand how jessy can tell me to update when she didn't even read my last post. So there.

And finally, another list:

The Top Ten Best Quotes Ever!

1. I returned from my ride to find two strange men ransacking our tent. They drew daggers, so naturally, I hit one of them with a chair and stabbed the other. -Deira Bashere, to Davram Bashere

2. I think it was the rooster. -Enaila

3. Nothing like a little dance with Trollocs to ready you for sleep. Right, Aviendha? -Mat Cauthon

4. All he wanted from life was some good wine, a game of dice, and a pretty girl or three. -Mat Cauthon

5. A thousand years of sheep! -Mat Cauthon

6. Go juggle something. -Min Farshaw, to Thom Merrilin

7. Rand is the one who's supposed to go mad, and here I am, talking to an axe! -Perrin Aybara, to his axe

8. “Your eyes are so weird and red and orange and like my fire, now go clean the fireplace." –Booshwah countryside Hell

9.There cloths were vary scandalouse, and I could tell that some of them were [proste]’toots. –Cera Dolce Angelina Angemisque

10. Obviously, Selucia miscounted with the ants. -Tuon


I was reading a book of urban legends, and I read this really strange one about how some lady had twins, and could only save one of them, and she decided to save...duh duh duh! the boy who would become Adolf Hitler. Later, I watched the Producers, which is essentially about these people putting on a big flop, on purpose. It was very silly, but quite unrelated. And Will Ferrell got the role of his life in it, for which I actually liked him. I don't, usually.

Anyway, I was thinking about funny things, which brought to mind laugh tracks, which it usually does, but also all the naughty things you can slip into a kid's movie without anyone noticing. Like the numerous concubines in Aladdin, plus skimpy outfits and shirtless men and stuff. And then there's the burlesque scene in The Great Mouse Detective. Ha.

In another area, it's funny how satisfying it is to eat fish that are smaller than you. Feeding Frenzy, 2 is an addictive game. Nough said. Oh, and my lover Jessy is silly, and so are all my friends. They are quite silly.But I love them, muchly. Michael. I love them Michael, I should say.


Would You Rather:
Ooze slime from every bodily opening (eyes, ears, nose etc.)
slap someone everytime they said the word "love?"

Things to Consider: dates, proposals, wedding nights

And finally, a few delicious quotes, for your enjoyment.

May I take your hats, coats, and swastikas?" -Carmen Ghia, the Producers.

You seem to have mistaken me for someone with a spine." -Leo Bloom, the Producers.

That's not a duck, dumbass!" -Theo, Pippin

Frau Blücher: Would the doctor care for a brandy before retiring?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: No. Thank you.
Frau Blücher: Some varm milk... perhaps?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: No. Thank you very much. No thanks.
Frau Blücher: Ovaltine?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: NOTHING! Thank you. I'm a little tired.
Frau Blücher: Then I vill say... goodnight.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Goodnight.

Ted Striker: Because of my mistake, six men didn't return from that raid.
Elaine Dickinson: Seven. Lieutenant Zip died this morning.

King Arthur: On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.

And while I’m here, another list, for those of you who care!



If you've gotten this far, here are some treats for you, in the form of links.

more links next entry!


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