It's because I can't write right now. I mean, other than this, obviously. I have a bunch of fics open and I'm staring at them and banging my head against the wall. This is acutely frustrating. COME ON, WORDS. COME BACK.

...also I'm having a really hard time coming up with 10 important/inspiring people on that meme, and I don't feel right listing Neil Gaiman ten times, possibly with Vienna Teng and Misha Collins there too.

So you know. I'll be back with that when I can think of ten people I really admire. (Is this a bad thing? ...probably.)

In the meantime! An old but classic meme that I always have fun with (and other people do too? Sometimes)

Pick one of the characters I RP and ask them any question you wish. The puppets will reply to these questions themselves, using their own journal and my generous typist services. know, non-RP partners are welcome to ask questions too. In fact, I'd love it if you did.

I party hard, folks.

Not much to say about life at the moment...just working my way through school, still. I will be a youngster for two more days. This is really weird to me, I have to say.

...oh, and I disabled anonymous commenting, because I was getting really sick of spam telling me I need to enlarge my penis. So...sorry? I don't really get many anonymous commenters anyway, other than spammers.
So say, hypothetically, I wanted a hypothetical PB for a hypothetical Rand al'Thor that I might hypothetically play. Who, hypothetically, would you recommend for the job? Because I'm drawing a hypothetical blank. Playing anime characters at least I don't have to worry about this...

Derp derp derp. This meme again! It's too much fun to deny. And it gives me a chance to try out the people I may hypothetically not be playing. You know how it is.

1) list all the puppets you mun ;
2) invite your flist to ask them questions to your muses directly;
3) reply to the questions in character, with the puppet journal.


1) choose a puppet and I will tell you:
+ the last thing they did on screen
+ the last thing they did offscreen
+ the last thing they did out of RP canon (if applicable)
+ why I picked them up
+ how I got into that fandom
+ the last thing they want in life
+ the most important event of their lives (in RP canon)
+ the person they would miss the most
+ their dying words
+ three random, quirky facts about them.

list of puppets, by fandom (including some I don't technically play anywhere <s>yet</s>) )

And then!

Day 15 - Character you'd want to cook for you
Lelouch, because this is actually what I was just thinking about. Benefit of having him as a roommate! (See last question.) Because I mean, he's sort of like a maid. Cooking and cleaning and everything. :D And like I said, I can forgive small hobbies like terrorism, who even cares!

Plus he's pretty easy on the eyes. And those uniforms. Rawr. I'm pretty sure there's a question about that later too.

Day 15 - The first movie you saw
Oh good lord. I don't even remember. Watership Down and it explains a lot. ANYWAY I think it was probably The Lion King because that was my favorite for a long time, I only watched animal movies for the first ten years of my life (maybe more) and I just think it was. So yes. Lion King was my first movie.

Clearly my thing for evil geniuses started young?

those parts to come: everyfandom )

those parts to come: Disney )
Firstly: I just got my first filling ever. My mouth feels funky. Secondly, I has a question, based off of a meme that happened a while ago: what TV Tropes would you use to describe yourself? I'm honestly curious. What would people say?

(I know for said meme I got Adorkable, which probably works fairly well, olololol.)

P.S. How did I not know that this existed? GUYS THIS IS LIKE. MY LIFE. OR AT LEAST MY KINKS. L-look awwww.

And now, brought to you by my love of picspam and Avatar:


Fair warning that I A) adore Zuko to ridiculous degree, he's in here a lot and B) I...have no idea what was going to go here. ONWARD.

image heavy. also babble heavy. And spoiler heavy, to those it matters to. )

So the first one was actually originally a Hetalia meme, but I'm just going to make it multifandom. The second one is still just Disney, though. I cannot help myself, you know how it is.

And I just hope I can keep up with this for thirty days. XD Stolen from [ profile] sakru909.

Day #1 - Your favorite character
This is so haaaaard. Usually it switches every day, every hour, with my fandom obsession, with who I'm roleplaying at that instant...but for the moment, my top three are probably Light, Zuko, and a close jousting match between Celegorm and a number of others. But those are the very top, and that probably won't last more than a week before at least one position switches around. That's how my brain works, augh.

Day #1 - Your favorite character (Disney)
Easier, but still difficult. I'm going to have to say Milo, though, because he is underappreciated for one and because he pushes all my dorky and Convictionlicious buttons all over the place. Unless I can possibly count the Last Unicorn? Because she owns everyone forever. ...or Mulan, how could I forget Mulan!!! So you see, favorite characters are about as hard for me as favorite books. Even in the smaller spectrum of Disney.

all of the parts to come:everyfandom )

those to come:Disney )
First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] tomboy_typist! Much love and sweetness to you, and by god, expect some KT/ASOIAF fic coming over your way soon.

You know it will inevitably involve Sandor/Phedre, I cannot lie. &hearts &hearts &hearts

I amuse myself too much sometimes. I need to update that more often. Though some of the entries are definitely funnier than others.

I just couldn't resist. In other news, Naomi Novik appears to have written a crossover in which Jaime Lannister fights Temeraire the dragon, and it is the best thing ever. No, seriously. I think I need to start watching her journal, just because. ---omg. See for yourself, by all means AND THEN GO VOTE TEMERAIRE seriously folks, Jaime's cool and all, but he ain't got nothing on the dragon.

There is American Idol. And Cthulhu. And just guys, I cannot say. It is full of perfect.

Less full of perfect is my mood, which still sucks, and the fact that votes on Fandom Madness have been steadily declining. :( I made the difficult decision to close the last poll and move to the next round, but I want to whine terribly. There aren't even that many votes anymore! It's really fun at least for me! Campaign in the comments!


Ties were between Aredhel and Maglor and Earendil and Maeglin; Aredhel and Maeglin both continued. Sandor got knocked out by Tywin, which is the only result I'm saddened by this time. But not surprised. XD Tywin is a hardass.

Finally, I would like to point out that more of the epic AU is up on my fic journal, and that I may have 14 pages of Curufin FST combined with fic, and that I'm incredibly excited about my Silmarillion adaptation of "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" but shhh. I still have a lot to do.

A lot to do here meaning nothing productive, pfffft.



[Poll #1542610]


[Poll #1542611]


[Poll #1542612]


[Poll #1542613]

Next round I'm totally going to start writing drabbles. >>;; I will not be able to help it at that point.

ETA: ...there is a health care debate going on on my flist. I'm going to pretend I didn't see it and I'm definitely not clicking on the cut.

I'd rather no one started in here, either. I just don't have the energy.
...sort of. First of all, I finally went through and did a grand total stats toll of my deathfic. For the purposes of this count, Deathfic is defined as fic focused around or on the death of one or more major characters.

Total: 23
A Song of Ice and Fire: 6
Caliban Leandros: 1
Doctrine of Labyrinths: 2
The Silmarillion: 14

I would just like you to look at those numbers for a moment. Just. Yes, look.

Moving right along.

So, because of that book of disappointing short stories, I got thinking about short stories I do like, and I decided that I wanted to have a collection of them somewhere. You know, like a recommendation post. And the more I thought about it the more I liked the sheer organization of this idea. And I could even give people the books I have them in! Or a link to them if they can be found online! yeah, that's what this is. Recommendations, including a little blurb about what I loved. Though the links and book citations so to speak will have to wait a little. I have AP Government homework to do, whoooops.

ophelia of the spirits has a new album, also. this makes me happy. )

That's what I've got, for now. Of I go to read for three classes, and wonder why I have never listened to much 30 Seconds to Mars before now. *is so secretly an emo kid it disgusts her sometimes*

And goodnight. Much love to you all. I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting to do.

(Probably babble about elves. I haven't done that in a while. Some of you are probably grateful for this.)

Also, Haiti fic. Tomorrow, you slacking little bitch.
Her Eyes - Future!fic, in which Elves are released from Mandos. Everything about this I love. There are perfect little details - Caranthir likes the modern arms trade, Celegorm makes a brief appearance as his annoyed and slightly disappointed self, and Aegnor and Finrod are spot on and it's just - adorable all over and the ending leaves it full of possibilities. I think I ship this now, just for this one fic.
Meldor - Maedhros/Fingon. The writing is lovely, it's set up as a recovery fic after Thangorodrim - the first piece describing Maedhros' pain is gorgeous and the rest of it lives up to that. There is such a sense of brothers-in-arms-but-more that characterizes this pairing, in my head, and the way Fingon shepherds Maedhros along and at the same time he's so determined to recover and is worried and focused as always - in capitalism!AU, Maedhros would be a workaholic, I suspect. Am I right or am I right?

Gemology - Emily Roland fic, in which she is a perfect child - curious, intelligent, asking too many questions. There is just such adorable and authentic character in this, and again, the details as when Emily considers whether she might be half-dragon...I loved it.
wisdom to the mighty, honor to the brave - I don't have much coherent to say here but pretty pretty pretty. It's set after Victory of Eagles and is just a fantastic medley of interactions between Tharkay (who is priceless), Granby (who is adorable), Laurence, and Riley, and while my attention span doesn't often hold for fic of long lengths, this filled in the gaps of things I needed to see nicely.

Doctrine of Labyrinths
Medicine for the soul - Felix and Mildmay, genfic after Corambis AND I WANT MOORREEE this has been the first fic in a while, completed, that I have sincerely wanted to see more of because what was there just didn't give me enough. I wanted! More of it! And that's a good feeling.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Snow and Stark - My actual fic that I received! It has Jon and Robb being close and adorable and brotherly, and I don't know how this person knew all my pseudocanon but they did, somehow. They steal a pie! And are competitive and adorable! Robb is noble and a little bit dense! I loooffff it.

Guesses on which fics I wrote are/are not allowed, lololol. Still working my way through, and of course there's all of Yuletide Madness yet to see...

I have so many things I want to write I can't decide what to do first! This is a novel problem.
First things first, folks: I'm so grateful for all of you. You're all on my flist for a reason, and I love reading journals for a reason, and some of you I would have been too shy ever to ask but through mutual friends or other things - I'm glad you're all here, is the bottom line, and I hope you're doing fantastically. I'm just feeling squishy and full of love today. &hearts &hearts

So I've been putting off posting this forever because I am lazy. Let's make it a Christmas present. Ahead of time, folks, this post is loaded with SILMARILLION and A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and DORK. Also, if you have ever wondered why sometimes the folder name is different than the fanmix name, it is because I chance these damn titles about six times. I do this with everything. For example, "The Lost Son" on my fic journal is known as the (better) "The Damned" on FFN. I'm just too lazy to change all the chapters already on my journal, lol.

ALSO, one more reason to love the Silmarillion: it is a great fan of the words "great" and "doom" and when combined these words create a most excellent phrasething. Especially doom. DOOOOOM.

Medium: Book
Fandom: Silmarillion
Title: No Second Chance
Subject: One guess. :D But it really works for the arc of most of it from the Flight of the Noldor onwards.
Notes: I really, really like this. And coming up soon will be a compilation of all my truly favorite Feanorian (DEFINITIVE) fanmix songs, probably towards the end of the year. \o/


no black no white no source of light )

Things I'm excited about this Christmas, on that note: GAME OF THRONES CARDS FUCK YES, CHRISTMAS CTHULHU FUCK YES, LE CHEVALIER D'EON/PLANET EARTH/LIFE AFTER PEOPLE FUUUUCK YESSSSS. Not many books, though, clearly I'll just have to wait for my wallet to heal and head to the bookstore on my own.

aaaaand more art recommendations? :D )

I wanna be the very best! like no one ever was! OR the most epic crossover icons ever )

Found this and dlkf it's true at least for me. First time I cried. Ever. In these books, I mean, otherwise I am a freaking leaky faucet. ALSO hey hey bitches.


And lastly, THIS FREAKING CRACKS ME UP mostly because in RP land interactions between Daeron and Feanorians end in near death. Not hugs. Also I just. Can't see this going well? Maybe it's just me. Horz.


P.P.S: When Yuletide archive loads I will have recs for yinsall. NOW TO FINISH THOSE LATE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS *scampers*
Lesstrythis. I need something fun.

Ask any of my puppets a question in comments and they will answer you, in character. Crack ensues. It's fun. For an example, more or less, of how this works, see this post.

I still need to post a couple fanmixes that have been done for ages and I'm just putting off. Lolsigh, I'm lazy.

BUT YES this thing is fun, people should ask things. My people will converse with you. Baiting elves is especially fun hint.
I'm not sure what I'm dressed as. I'll be sure to take pictures, though. Somehow. Eventually. XD Really I would like to put on some makeup but I am just too lazy.

In other news, though, I have a lot of fic ideas, and I want someone other than me to write them. XD I know that sounds awful, perhaps, but really - what I used to do was to just cling to ideas and keep them secret and hoard them so no one could write them but ME and - well, I'm glad I've gotten over that. So I suppose this can be considered just a prompt post? Things are under the cut and if anyone is interested they are welcome.

Debating about a fic I'm writing and whether or not I want to post it on FFN. Scary Russians, guys! I'm scared of the Russians D: MORE IMPORTANTLY I want to do this meme again, people are all loud in my head and it might be entertaining? Or something. /whores self out

SO YEAH ask any of my puppets a question and they will answer you. IC. More or less. Crack will probably happen. It might be amusing. I swear. XD

DONE NOW I go away other than the fact that it makes me :( that Yuletide has gotten drama!!!! lately, and I wish I were brave enough to watch scary movies. I'll probably just spend all of tomorrow reading the summaries or going on VH1 to watch 100 scariest movie moments or something. XD We'll see if I can get a life before this concert that I am psyched for, by the way.

I'll have something worthwhile to say in a little bit, promise.

so about those prompts... )

Also to do! More top fives argh, Temrerfic, Robbkidlets, finish seven sins fic.

And AH YES NaNo starts in two days, I don't filter posts in general, but I do filter all writing I may post - anyone interested in seeing what I may post over the month, if you would like to be added to my writing filter comment here?

...this song makes me want to cry, even when I'm in a good mood. :(
I'm going to try to be coherent here. I know I won't quite manage, but I will make my best effort.

First and most importantly: was it "good?"

Oh yeah. Yeah, it was good.

Things happen. The pace is picking up. It's a return, for me at least, to the wonder of first picking up the earlier books, unable to stop reading, just - hooked. While I have since read a number of criticisms of the series and a number of very highly acclaimed fantasy serieses, Wheel of Time, I am pleased to see, has lost none of its shine. I would recommend to people who were discouraged by the slow bit in the middle of the series to pick it up here after reading a summary of whatever books they don't want to read. But of course, I am probably biased.

So was it good? Yes. And I'm satisfied.

I should note before going any further that I made a point of not looking up at what point Brandon Sanderson started writing; but I couldn't tell. Just personally. Well done Brandon, I'm proud of you, at least. Haters to the left!

Spoilers start here. )

I feel ridiculous for feeling like the guy in the prologue was going to die. I have clearly read too much GRRM lately.

So yes, in conclusion - I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked it a lot a lot. And I'm very curious as to how other people will react.

And really, really need the next book right about now.

ETA: OH YES my new project is making a fanmix that tracks Rand's character arc. Because. If anyone has suggestions they are welcomed with joy! For any point, really. Though I already know I am using this song for sure for this book. Is my Rand song.
minviendha: (kelpie)
( Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:05 pm)
I am obsessed with the song "Viva Discordia" by That Handsome Devil. It is so freaking catchy oh my god. Kind of ridiculous. Doing pretty well overall, really glad that this week is almost over. Mostly updates!post and some writing things. November is coming, did you bring your coat? More on NaNoWriMo as it gets closer. Though "closer" will be pretty soon. Also Wheel of Time in a few dayssss!

I'm a bit excitable now. ...and GOD THIS SONG. It's weird but I can't stop listening o.o

In other news, look what came in the mail today!

yes, more russian update, I'm sorry )

We'll see if more comes of it.

Secondly, I counted and have twenty prompts on the Five Things meme. Writing them in drabbles or sort of, so these will be coming a bit at a time, though I'm hoping to get them all done before too long so I can work on extending those 'one sentence fics I've never written' prompts I want to expand.


Five Times Catelyn Fell In Love )


Five Times Gideon Got Fed Up With Felix )


Five Schools Where Cal Got Sent to the Principal )

BACK TO WORK *whpcha* Though I warn you in advance some certain ones may be a bit of a long while. >.> I'LL DO MY BEST NOT TO KEEP YOU WAITING ON.


One Time Caranthir Punched Angrod In the Face (And Four Times He Wanted To) )
Because it's where my head has been - a post, primarily related to A Song of Ice and Fire but with a couple other things thrown in there too. I was thinking in Chemistry today (not about Chemistry, alarmingly enough) and a few things came up in my head.

Firstly is that the great thing about this series (and others, but this one especially) is that GRRM is very good at creating characters we want to see again with very little space. I have a list of characters I barely knew that I want to see again, whether they're actually dead or just unlikely to turn up again. First and foremost and most obviously among these would be Oberyn Martell who was alive for exactly one book and around for probably under 200 pages. And yet the man has his own LJ comm and a legion of still grieving fans (I'd like to think it's not only because of how hot he sounds but also because he's a very interesting and intense character). Then there's Bronn who is pretty much the most secondary character to ever secondary a secondary, but he has his fair share of supporters in fandom. Not to mention Renly who we don't see much of and isn't coming back. And then there are the characters we never see firsthand at all - Lyanna and Rhaegar - who somehow still have a draw and connection to the reader even though they've never even been spotted onscreen. And isn't that interesting?

The second thing was that I cannot stand the pairing Theon/Robb. I suppose I see the attraction and, actually, in normal mode might go for it myself, but I think it's a measure of how much I loathe Theon that I don't. Because I really do hate him. And I don't want him near Robb because the boy deserves better.

So then I was thinking about why I dislike Theon so much...

and this is where it gets long. )

Finally, rereading Half-Blood Prince, all the 'Snape is ebul!' things are making me sad and all 'STFU HARRY YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW' but those are two separate canons.

I may have an essay in the works on Brotherhood in A Song of Ice and Fire (and possibly sisterhood, but I'd need more sister pairs, ideas :O?) but that shall be later.

I leave you with that, and apologize sincerely for any major incoherency that may have occurred.
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( May. 3rd, 2009 11:57 pm)
So I has a Dreamwidth! My goodness, whatever shall happen next.

I don't plan to switch over fully, at least not at this point, and I'm not entirely clear on how this whole things works, but I'm going to be doing my best to learn. Yet another new arrival from livejournal touching down on the ropes...

Other than that, I do not think I have much to say. Though I do feel very shinyspecial being here.
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( Nov. 7th, 2008 08:39 pm)
Whyyy oh why can I not focus at all at all? This is majorly annoying me.

So I made Growing Up Cullen icons.


minviendha: (everybody DANCE!!)


( Aug. 14th, 2008 09:33 pm)

Or fun to crackplot.

Anyway, it is too hot here. I have no energy, no motivation, and absolutely nothing to do. I feel useless.

Perhaps tomorrow I shall call someone and go swimming. That would be absolutely delicious.


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