Dear Yuletide Goat!

Glad to hear you are here!~ First and foremost, I am fairly easy to please. I like surprises, I like a lot of characters, I like a wide range of topics, so really, if you're stuck banging your head against the wall, run with what you want to do and if you enjoy it I probably will too - I mean, so long as it is not something involving tentacle rape, anything involving intense detail of vomit or anything involving eye maiming which are really my only three squicks.

No, I'm serious.

(Well, I mean, other than the obvious stuff like yayhomophobia or yayracism! but I'd hope that goes without saying. Other things, though - fandom has killed my sense of squick.)

Overall and broadly, I like things that have dialogue, generally speaking, more than introspective thinky things, unless otherwise specified (you'll see). Angst is lovely as long as it is not just a dripping pit of emo. I suppose it is the difference between

Felix's hair dripped with damp, black water and he wanted to die because his soul was black like the pitch of night


Felix stared blankly out at the rain and wondered why nothing could hold his attention for long.

And yes, that was exaggeration, but you see what I mean? Exaggerated emotions = not hot. Fluff, however, is equally glorious, and really, as long as it's IC (and I'm pretty easy to please on this) it can be as fluffy as you want, I won't be terribly upset. I need more lighthearted fic in my life, anyway.

I was serious about the above squicks. I like intense things. Character death, torture, violence, sex, no sex, I'm pretty much good with it as long as it fits in the story, you know? So don't censor yourself, I'm pretty hard to shock. Except with the eye thing. The eye thing really - slkdf.

Only other important things...generally speaking, I have a strange obsession with brothers but not so much with incest, most of the time. I'm not a big fan of sex though I do like a lot of! Feelings! And sex with a Point to make is juuust fine. Or if it's really hot and you just feel like it.


The Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett - This! This is a fandom I do not have the courage to write for, and that is why it is here. YOU ARE BRAVE, dear Yuletider, and firstly I commend you. I'm flexible here, but I want something Lymond-centric. Ideas are introverted Lymond'y thoughts (that's the exception), pensive angst in his way, you know. I would love to see some brother times with Richard at any point, especially where they fail at getting each other but manage to reconcile, somehow? At least temporarily. UST with Jerott would be to die for, or if that's not manageable Jerott/Marthe where she is a substitute for Lymond? Lymond and Khaireddin interacting in any way would also be fantabulous.

Other than that, I feel that there isn't much to add. I'm all about Lymond, really, so anything exploring his character is amazing.

Temrer! Temeraire - Naomi Novik - I'm pretty new to this fandom, but there are still things I want, and first and foremost is a weirdly specific one: Perscitia, captained by Wellington. I read a brief, brief mention of it in a fic about something else and it will not! Leave! Me alone! And I want to see them interacting, I feel like it would be glorious fun.

Bonus points for Perscitia crushing on Temeraire in any way. IF THAT DOESN'T WORK Lien and other dragons is shiny stuff, Iskierka is marvelous, and Iskierka and Lien would be even better. Also Lien and Perscitia, or Iskierka and Perscitia. :D Tharkay/Laurence would be all right too. Give me something funny here! I'm not after angst in this arena. Silliness and adorability is perfectly glorious. As you can see, I mostly want more things with the dagrons, but people are pretty cool too. ;)

Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan I want Alan and Nick being brothers and having some adorable time together, especially post Demon's Lexicon but any time is good. Not fitting in with future canon is, of course, just fine. Mostly I just want some brother times, esp. involving Nick dealing with any aftermath there might be.

Not much to add here but what it says on the tin. Brother interaction is amazing, I want to see more of these folks and especially as Nick figures his shit out post-book. Incest would make me :( a little bit here, but vaguely disturbing and sort of freaky and possibly dysfunctional is just great, though I would like a happy ending? If possible D:

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin This is an either or. I love Sandor and would love to see anything with him, especially if it doesn't involve Sansa in any way, shape, or form. Details on more ideas here at my Santa letter. If Sandor doesn't work for you, I also would adore seeing anything involving Robb Stark, particularly him being adorable in some way.

I do not object to Sandor/Sansa, but it is everywhere and I want something new that's more about Sandor than anything shippy. Sandor with Arya would get especial love, even more so if there are shenanigans and Sandor being vaguely amused by Arya while Arya is temperamental and things. Really anything about Sandor would be awesome, though. As for Robb, I'm really mostly a fan of pre-series or brother/sister stuff, as I love the Stark family, and anything like that would make me roll on the floor with sheer delight. But I also like pensive!Robb or awkward!Robb later on, and really whatever you do with him I will probably enjoy. Use either of them, or if you really feel like it, use both. If neither floats your boat, anything involving the Martells, particularly Elia and Oberyn, is fantastic.

Have fun with it! I hope you enjoy whatever you end up doing and that your Yuletide present(s) is as fantastic as I'm certain mine will be! &hearts &hearts &hearts
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