1. "Galad wasn’t sure which part of this was strangest: the fact that this stranger came from nowhere that was within the known world – or his known world, anyway, or that he was dead, or so he claimed, or that they were sitting down in his tent and carrying out a (fairly) normal conversation."

2. "Gideon’s hands were on his shoulders again, warm and calm, easing the knots again, massaging from the outside down to his spine. He adjusted until Felix was nestled on his body, head propped on his chest, arms around his waist, before bringing a steaming cup over from the bedside table."

3. "The other dreams were gone. Everything was gone, except for the black, empty plain, flickering with small and dying fires and piles of dead bodies. He felt naked, no armor, no comforting weight of his sword at his hip. The sky was the color of sullen coals, black and red, and the ground beneath his feet was ash."

4. "“Mmhmm,” Tyelko agreed, currently pressing his face into her hair and taking deep breaths of its smell. "I'd promise you anything you want. You smell nice."

5. "He pulled the dead body to his chest, cradling Dior in his arms as he would never hold his own son. He closed his eyes and let his head fall to the floor, cheek pressed to a sticky-warm puddle of blood, and let the sound of the roaring waves in his ears rock him gently into sleep."

6. "The nightmares got no better. They seemed to get worse. There was one night where Maglor thrashed and screamed in his sleep, howling louder than ever, and Daeron held him for the first time, wrapping his arms around his chest and holding him as tightly as he could manage as his companion fought him and fought him and finally turned and cried into his shoulder. Maglor’s arms went around his shoulders and clung to him, and they stayed like that for a long time, rocking back and forth and holding each other."

7. "His nails bit into his palms too hard and he bent his head so that no one else would see, and shed his only tears for this, the last night of an elf greater than any that had come before or would come after."

8. "The Smalljon opened his mouth to reply, closed it, shook his head, and gave up. “Sorry, Your Grace,” he said, ruefully, and slung his King over his shoulder to take him home."

9. "It was not stealing, Curufin assured them, if they were planning to put the things back. Maedhros got a tin pot, Maglor found a good sized bowl, Curufin resorted to a square pan, and the rest were left to fend for themselves (Celegorm gave up his right to the pan, saying that he wasn’t afraid to get hit in the head, it wasn’t like any of them could hurt him anyway."

10. "They threw him to his knees and he was glad to be there, wanted to cower, to curl into himself and make every inch as small as possible in the hope that perhaps he would not be noticed. The floor was the anvil and Morgoth the hammer, and Maeglin felt himself kneeling small and breakable in between."

11. "He watched the flames reach for the sky, watched the fire consume his brothers’ flesh, and could not even find the tears to weep."

12. "He slept with his arms around her and felt how she was burning up and shivering at the same time. He tried to move her out of the alley, but she cried out so plaintively when he attempted to lift her that he gave up."

13. "He stood in the hotel bathroom, left sleeve rolled up. His jacket hung on the corner of the bed, and he held out his arm and looked at the mark, still stark against his skin seven years after it was branded there, and felt a little like crying. "I still have the house," he said to his reflection, "And the name.""

And then there are the fics I've written because of other people's illustrations but we're not going into that. And the ones for Yuletide that will be here after the reveal.
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