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.me and other nonsense.

Elise lives in the Western Hemisphere and on the internets, and is known to have many interesting tendencies peculiar to this species. She is frequently found on computers, in libraries or other stores containing books, on teh internets or with her nose buried in her large green notebook, in which she writes and draws everything that is necessary and unnecessary. She tends to get obsessive about her favorite fandoms, and if one is honest, obsessive in general. She also enjoys the making of icons and horrible puns. She enjoys spamming your flist, listening to music, rping, and writing. She is greatly attracted to the absurd, the ridiculous, and the use of extraneous synonyms.

.things that are enjoyable.

BOOKS: Benighted · Black Jewels Trilogy · Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies · Gentlemen Bastard Sequence · · Kingkiller Chronicle · Lord of the Rings · Perdido Street Station · The Silmarillion · A Song of Ice and Fire · Temeraire · The Lymond Chronicles · The Wheel of Time · Un Lun Dun · anything by Neil Gaiman · and more! :D

VIDEO MEDIA: Avatar: the Last Airbender · Code Geass · Death Note · Dexter · Doctor Who · Sherlock · Supernatural

CHARACTERS: Caranthir · Celegorm · Cthulhu · Felix Harrowgate · Fëanorians · Francis Crawford of Lymond · Caliban Leandros · Fingon · Hannibal Lecter · Iskierka · Jaenelle Angelline · Karla · Lelouch vi Brittania · Light Yagami · Locke Lamora · Lucivar · Maximilien Robespierre · Melisande Shahrizai · Maeglin · Morpheus or Dream · Min Farshaw · Nerdanel · Rand al'Thor · Robb Stark · Sam Winchester · Sandor Clegane · Suzaku Kururugi · Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag · Semirhage · Temeraire · Yagharek · Zuko

MUSIC: AFI · Apocalyptica · Billy Joel · Blackmore’s Night · Britney Spears · Carrie Clark · Cellofourté · Chopin · The Cruxshadows · Emilie Autumn · Heather Dale · Holly Brook · Kamelot · Murder by Death · Nickel Creek · Nightwish · Nine Inch Nails · Ophelia of the Spirits · Patrick Wolf · Savage Garden · Sonata Arctica · Tchaikovsky · ThouShaltNot · Vienna Teng · Voltaire · Within Temptation · Xandria


Fannish writing found at [info]ficviendha or at The Pit. She has a filter for her original writing - if you would like to be added, comment here. Complaints can go die in a fire be filed on Tuesdays, at the same time as the autographing sessions.

No, really.

Layout by [info]thefulcrum. Picture credits to Jenny Dolfen, blackieri@deviantart, and various google searches.

.Profile Info by NuttyMusings.

《 WHEEL OF TIME ☸ Min Farshaw


Cthulhu F'tagn


[info]7_deadly_sins_ - The Silmarillion (Celegorm)

[info]50_darkfics - Black Jewels Trilogy
[info]fanfic100 - Wheel of Time (Mat/Tuon)

Interests (173):

*asterisks*, angst bunnies, avatar the last airbender, aziraphale/crowley, bathtubs, being ridiculous, being unusually obsessive, big long books, black jewels trilogy, books, calvin and hobbes, canon, carbohydrates, carnivorous deer, carousels, celegorm, childishness, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, crack pairings, creativity, crossovers of everything ever, cthulhu, cynicism, darth vader, david tennant, defenestration, defying logic, desperatefans, dinosaurs, disney songs, doctor who, doom, emo kids, endorphins, epic romance, etymology, evil things, excessively depressing music, fabulous coattails, failing at life, fairy tales, fanart, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, fatally codependent relationships, felix harrowgate, fiction, fluff, francis crawford of lymond, funny words, fëanorians, geekery, generally being irreverent, good omens, greek mythology, hateships, headbanging, hp lovecraft, humor, icons, illegal things, inanity, insanity, internet, knitting, laughing, lightsabers, lists, literature, loch ness monster, loitering, love at first sight, lucivar yaslana, magic, make-believe, maniacal laughter, mat/tuon, memes, messing with people's minds, metal, monty python, movies, muse, music, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwish, not taking things seriously, nothing, obsessive loyalty, okapis, organizing livejournal tags, outrageous lies, pan's labyrinth, parodies, parody, peppermints, persephone, philosophy, photography, photoshop, piano, playing with stumble-upon, poetry, poking things with sticks, prehistoric marine reptiles, procrastinating, punctuation, puns, quoting airplane, randland, randomness, reading, reduced shakespeare company, redundancy, robb stark, robert jordan, romantic notions, rpgs, run-on sentences, running in circles, sam winchester, sandor clegane, sarcasm, satanic messages, satanic rituals, satire, scaly reptiles, scarves, science fiction, semicolons, shakespeare, sharpies, sheep, shenanigans, shiny things, silk, silly internet phenomena, singing, slash, snark, snoozing, sporks, squeeing, squid, starks and their crime-shows, subtext, supernatural, swirly cloaks, swooning over neil gaiman, tall dark brooding men, tall dark crazy men, tenth doctor, terrible puns, things with wings, trenchcoats, trippiness, velociraptors, vienna teng, we're not lame, werewolves, whacking things, wheel of time, window shopping, within temptation, words, world domination, worshipping cthulhu, writing, young frankenstein
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